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PureSight CSDK for Mobile solutions

PureSight is the most advanced multilayer dynamic Internet content filtering solution designed to provide easy and effective deployment of your organization's Internet Acceptable Use Policy. It transparently manages Internet use and bandwidth consumption. Serving as an easy, flexible and effective management tool, PureSight helps increase productivity, optimizes bandwidth consumption and reduces legal liability.

PureSight CSDK for the mobile industry allows mobile solution providers to easily integrate a dynamic content filtering technology within their platform and applications for a complete offering to Mobile operators.


PureSight CSDK/OEM

Internet security concerns have gained prominence as people rely more and more upon their network connections. While firewalls and anti-virus solutions are standard security software used by most people, organizations and households are starting to actively manage the Internet content their employees and children can access. With a concern for easy deployment and cost, people are looking for an "all in one solution".

PureSight CSDK is designed to provide an easy and fast integration of PureSight's content filtering technology to enhance your own solutions.


PureSight Parental Control for ISPs

PureSight PC is a parental control solution, designed to allow families to manage Internet access for all family members on their home PCs. It is an easy, flexible and effective tool for making families' Internet experience a safe and positive one.

PureSight PC is the only parental control filtering solution that relies on a multilayer dynamic content filtering solution to categorize web sites, and does not rely on URL black lists and databases.

A Branded PureSight PC is easily deployed by ISPs as a value-added service to complete theire Internet Security offerings.


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