Puresight Intelligent Content Recognition

Advanced Internet Content Filtering for ISPs

PureSight PC is the most advanced and effective Internet content filtering tool available. It combines precision filtering capabilities and powerful management tools, to offer a highly accurate and flexible Internet content filtering solution.

Internet Content Filtering - A Value Added Service for Your Subscribers

ISP subscribers are demanding effective tools to manage their Internet access. Parents are concerned about what their children are able to access online. Public institutions are worried about community standards and government regulations. Businesses are concerned about employee productivity and legal liability.

PureSight PC provides the right parental control solution to suit your business strategy. PureSight PC can be deployed without affecting your current infrastructure. Whether you prefer to deliver PureSight as a product for your subscribers or provide filtering as a managed service, PureSight provides the right deployment model.

PureSight PC keeps you at the competitive edge

PureSight will position your ISP at the forefront with revolutionary filtering technology. Based on PureSight's proven ACRTM (Active Content Recognition) technology and the innovative multi layer approach, PureSight PC ensures complete coverage of the constantly growing Internet. Consistently outperforming conventional filtering products, PureSight's parental control and access management tools are precisely the solution your subscribers require.

Benefits of providing PureSight

  • Attract new customers
  • Create an additional revenue stream
  • Differentiate your ISP from the competition with a fully branded parental control solution
  • Meet community expectations and new regulations
  • Limit legal liability
  • Encourage and increase Internet use
Several PureSight deployment options are available to better fit your network and business model, contact our sales team for further information.

PureSight PC at a glance

PureSight PC allows users to:

  • Restrict and manage access to Internet Web sites based on filters and user defined lists
  • Create up to 10 user profiles each with its own password protected login and its own filtering profile
  • Define different filtering policies for each profile
  • Restrict and manage access to Internet Web sites based on a time schedule
  • Obtain clear reports regarding which user tried to access which pages, etc.
  • Personalized lists of sites to allow or to block, which can be added manually or can be imported from a file
  • Manage Internet access policy according to all family members requirements

PureSight PC features

  • Simple user interface
  • 100% coverage of the Internet
  • Analyzes and screens all Internet traffic
  • Prevents access to inappropriate material without interfering with legitimate material
  • Allows users to manage Internet access policy according to all family members requirements
  • 7 filtering categories (Adult, Weapons, Gambling, Chat, Webmail, Hate, Drugs)
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